tonymacx86 Table Of Contents

Ok, so you've installed Snow Leopard. What can you do next to further tweak your system? I tried to pull together some of my most relevant posts in a sort of Table Of Contents. This is not meant to be an order of operations, although you can use it like that.

The posts below represent how we got to where we are now step by step. A good read for anyone new to the world of OSx86. I'll try to keep this post updated. Thanks for reading!

Installation Guides
  1. iBoot + MultiBeast: Install Mac OS X on any Intel-based PC  (RECOMMENDED)
  2. Old Boot CD Method
  3. OSInstall.mpkg Method
  4. USB Method
  5. Dual Boot Windows 7 and OS X Snow Leopard

Post-Installation Guides
  1. MultiBeast: The Ultimate Post-Installation Utility
  2. Enable High Definition Audio on P55 Motherboards
  3. Enable Full Graphics Card Acceleration
  4. Tweaking Your System: Install Chameleon, DSDT, & Extras to EFI Partition
  5. Tweaking Your System: Get Rid of PlatformUUID.kext
  6. Tweaking Your System: Get Rid of Restart Kexts
  7. How To Install Chameleon Manually From Terminal
  8. Create a Chameleon Boot USB Drive
  9. Enable the Apple Boot Screen
  10. Fit Mac OS X Snow Leopard on a Single Layer DVD

DSDT Guides
  1. DSDT Database for P55 Motherboards
  2. Create and Modify Your DSDT.aml
  3. Advanced DSDT Fixes: Enable Sleep on P55 Motherboards
  4. Advanced DSDT Fixes: Enable Intel Native SpeedStep on P55 Motherboards
  5. Advanced DSDT Fixes: nVidia Graphics
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