Chameleon RC5 Prerelease Installer Package

EDIT: Latest Chameleon 2.0 RC5 version in MultiBeast.

As Chameleon 2.0 development continues, new updates are being pushed out almost every day. Among other code corrections and bug fixes, the latest versions have eliminated the need for Restart and PlatformUUID kexts. Realistically, if you're unfamiliar with the Terminal, compiling the latest source or installing Chameleon manually may not be an option.

To that end, I've created an unofficial Chameleon 2.0 RC5 Prerelease 6 Installer based on Rekursor's latest Chameleon development branch.

Also created an unofficial Chameleon 2.0 RC4 Installer based on AsereBLN's 1.1.9 RC4 mods. This particular installer doesn't have an embedded theme. In order to get a graphical user interface, you'll have to drop this Themes folder to your Extra folder.

Both of these are regular OS X installer packages that will replace your Chameleon version. They also will install the full Chameleon bootloader on a fresh OS X install, replacing any older Chameleon installer (such as the PC EFI 10.1 app). Note that you'll have to move your DSDT to the /Extra folder, as this is the new default location for RC4.
Please note that these are unofficial releases, and any issues related should not be submitted to the Chameleon team. I'll keep this post and package updated with the latest versions as they come out. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Good luck, and see you on the forum!
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