Chimera 1.6 Update

Today MacMan updated Chimera to version 1.6. 

Chimera v1.6.0 Changes:
  • Based on Chameleon 2.0 r1394
  • Back-ported new FaceTime fix with RAID 0 support from Chameleon 2.1svn r1649
  • Enhanced verbose messages from ati.c
  • Added support for additional AMD graphics cards
    • 0x68A1, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5850 
    • 0x68B8, ATI Radeon HD 5770 
    • 0x68C0, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730  
    • 0x68C1, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 
    • 0x6739, AMD Radeon HD 6850  
    • 0x6740, AMD Radeon HD 6770M 
    • 0x6741, AMD Radeon HD 6630M 
    • 0x6758, AMD Radeon HD 6670 
    • 0x6760, AMD Radeon HD 6490M 
    • 0x6720, AMD Radeon HD 6900M Series 
    • 0x6761, AMD Radeon HD 6430M Series 
  • Added support for Nvidia Quadro NVS 4200M
NOTE: Proper drivers are required for full graphics support.
    There is a standalone installer, available at For bug reporting, feature requests, and general feedback please use the Chimera forum.

    -tonymacx86 & MacMan
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