tonymacx86 Chat & MultiBeast Screencast

Ever have that quick question and you don't want to wait for a quick answer?

I've opened up tonymacx86 Chat for registered members of the forum! I'm hoping this will become a place where issues can be solved quickly. Perhaps if your questions were answered in the forum or elsewhere, you'll donate a bit of time there to help others. Note: you'll need to re-register for the chat section of the site.

Also, I've set up a YouTube channel and uploaded the first of a series of short screencasts. This one demonstrates the functionality of MultiBeast. It's pretty much my OSInstall.mpkg Method using MultiBeast for all of the post-installation processes. A complete terminal-free install process with one reboot. It will take you through the steps necessary to fully install Mac OS X Snow Leopard in under ten minutes.

Just a few tidbits until the full iBoot + MultiBeast guide is out. See you on the forum!

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