Chimera 1.9 Update: Multiple NVIDIA Cards, Ivy Bridge and GTX 680 Support

Today MacMan updated Chimera to version 1.9. The most exciting change is the addition of a new bit of GraphicsEnabler code from the Chameleon team to enable multiple NVIDIA graphics cards without any extra DSDT edits necessary! He's also added support for Intel's soon to be released Ivy Bridge CPUs and GraphicsEnabler detection for NVIDIA's new GeForce GTX 680. This new version will be included in the next MultiBeast release.

Chimera v1.9 Changes:
  • Back-ported the following Chameleon commit:
    • r1903 "NVDA,Child" device_type support for non-primary NVIDIA cards.
    • Multiple graphics cards work without any extra DSDT edits.
  • Added support for Ivy Bridge CPUs.
  • Added GraphicsEnabler detection code for NVIDIA GTX 680 and GT 620.
    • Driver support is still missing in Mac OS X.
  • Added additional missing NVIDIA cards.
  • Added GT540M device id 0x0DF4 to memory detection work around.
  • Cleaned up Sandy Bridge-E CPU detection and support code. 
    NOTE: Proper drivers are required for full graphics support.
      There is a standalone installer, available at For bug reporting, feature requests, and general feedback please use the Chimera forum.

      -tonymacx86 & MacMan

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