MultiBeast 4.3 Update

Today MultiBeast was updated to version 4.3 for Lion. We've added a new Combo OpenCL Enabler, which when combined with Chimera 1.8 will enable full QE/CI and OpenCL for all NVIDIA GeForce 4xx and 5xx graphics cards. Two more big additions are the flAked SpeedStepper for UEFI power management fixes, and maolj's Atheros ethernet driver. The latest version of MultiBeast is now available at
Please do not upload or redistribute MultiBeast to any other sites. 

What's new in MultiBeast 4.3...
  • Updated Chimera to v1.8.0
  • Renamed NVIDIA GF100 Fermi Patches to NVIDIA 4xx/5xx Support
  • Renamed OpenCL Enabler 10.7.0 / 10.7.1 to 10.7.0 / 10.7.1 netkas OpenCL Enabler
  • Removed OpenCL Enabler 10.7.2
  • Added 10.7.2 / 10.7.3 Combo OpenCL Enabler. 
    • This new enabler contains the functionality from the old OpenCL Enabler plus adds cmf's OpenGL patch and MacMan's patch to add the missing NVIDIA device IDs. 
    • NOTE: ONLY for native Apple-released graphics drivers, NOT for the older NVIDIA Official Drivers for Quadro released here.
  • Renamed ATI 48xx Patches to ATI 48xx Support
  • Moved ATI 48xx Device Injector to ATI 48xx Support -> ATI 48xx Device Injector
  • Renamed all ATI 48xx Patch for 10.7.x to 10.7.x netkas ATI 48xx Patch
  • Added 10.7.3 netkas ATI 48xx Patch for 10.7.3 to Graphics -> ATI 48xx Support
  • Added flAked SpeedStepper to Drivers & Bootloaders -> Kexts & Enablers -> Miscellaneous
  • Added maolj's AtherosL1cEthernet to Drivers & Bootloaders -> Kexts & Enablers -> Network
  • Removed OSx86 Software. 
    • The programs in this choice are now available for download here.
  • Added 10.7.2 / 10.7.3 Combo OpenCL Enabler to EasyBeast and UserDSDT installs.
  • Changed npci=0x2000 to npci=0x3000 for all kernel flags.
  • Removed backup function from any script that was backing up and patching kexts.
  • Updated IntelCPUMonitor to v1.0.1 rev505
If this utility has helped you, please consider a contribution to support further MultiBeast development. Thanks in advance, and enjoy! If you have Bug Reports or Feature Requests, please let us know in the MultiBeast section of the forum.

-tonymacx86 & MacMan
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