Mac OS X 10.6.7 Update

Today Apple released Mac OS X 10.6.7 the 7th major update to Mac OS X Snow Leopard. To update for any supported CPU, simply run Software Update, or download the standalone installer from Apple.

Be sure to back up any important data, and if possible clone your hard drive before applying the update.  Testing is underway.  Report your results in the forum here

All updated information will be posted here.  
What we know about 10.6.7 so far...
  • 10.7.0 Darwin kernel (No Sandy Bridge support)
  • No Sandy Bridge Intel HD 2000/3000 Graphics support
  • No ATI 6xxx support
  • BREAKING: Sandy Bridge MBP models receiving separate build of 10.6.7
Most supported systems will not need to make post-installation fixes, but here are a few points to be aware of.
  • Graphics - If you're using a NVIDIA 4xx "Fermi" card, you will have to re-run the tonymacx86 NVIDIA Update to regain full acceleration.  
  • Audio - The Combo update will replace your AppleHDA.kext.  If you aren't using the ALC889a codec, you will have to reinstall AppleHDA Rollback using MultiBeast.  If you're using VoodooHDA, you will not need to make any modifications.
  • USB -  The Combo update will replace your IOUSBFamily,kext.  To restore full USB functionality on a non-DSDT or EasyBeast system install USB Rollback using MultiBeast before reboot.  Download MultiBeast
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