How To Get iBoot Functionality From MultiBeast

One of the top questions on the forum these days seems to be how to get the functionality of iBoot when booting from the hard drive. For novices, it seems like the process ends after the Combo Update. But iBoot was designed as an installation tool only- not as a permanent solution for post-installation. It is NOT a boot crutch. By using it as such, you are limiting the functionality and upgradeability of your system. Fortunately, MultiBeast contains the same drivers and files as iBoot and can allow most things to work without using a DSDT.

We created MultiBeast to solve the post-installation problem. When installed, the following MultiBeast options will allow boot from a 1 TB or less hard drive or partition, universal audio, network, and graphics. These are not the only drivers available, and may not give optimized performance. However, these options will allow you to be rid of iBoot as a boot crutch.

ATI Graphics

NVIDIA Graphics
Good luck, and see you on the forum!

-tonymacx86 & MacMan
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