New CustoMac Buyer's Guide 2012 Coming Soon

Since the introduction of Ivy Bridge Macs last week, we've been getting lots of requests to update our CustoMac Recommended Builds and Buyer's Guide. Have no fear- it's coming soon! We're holding off on recommending specific Ivy Bridge rigs until the support is truly native and in the general release of the operating system. This will make things much easier for everyone- especially first time builders. Keep in mind that although Ivy Bridge support is in the builds of the new Macs, it could be weeks before it's actually hassle-free to install on these rigs. We also think that there are some really exciting new boards coming out very soon incorporating Thunderbolt.

If you have an itchy trigger finger, check out some awesome new builds in the Golden Builds section and the User Builds section of the forum. We also posted a few or our early Ivy Bridge CPU and motherboard recommendations here.

-tonymacx86 & MacMan

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