BridgeHelper 5.0: Native Ivy Bridge Kernel & Power Management, USB 3.0, and Intel HD 4000

This week Apple refreshed Mac laptops with Intel's new Ivy Bridge CPUs. Support isn't native yet, however much of the functionality is now available to us via an official MacBook Pro (Mid 2012) Software Update.

The process of manually extracting kernels and drivers isn't for everyone, so we put together a new BridgeHelper installer to do all of the heavy lifting. Simply install BridgeHelper 5.0 on on an existing 10.7.4 Lion installation to gain:
  • Native Kernel
  • Native CPU Power Management 
    • Speedstep and sleep working 
    • Will remove NullCPUPowerManagement if found
  • Intel HD 4000 graphics drivers for testing
    • Not functional yet- no QE/CI
  • Chipset support for Intel 7 Series USB 3.0
  • Patched chipset support for Intel 7 Series AHCI
NOTE: If you have a non-Gigabyte motherboard, you may need to install NullCPUPowerManagement.kext again before rebooting.

The installer is now available at Good luck and have fun!

-tonymacx86 & MacMan

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