DSDT-Free and UserDSDT Solutions for ASUS Socket 1156 H55/P55 Motherboards

I've always been a Gigabyte fan. When looking at last year's ASUS specs for 1156, standard Realtek ALC HDEF audio made Gigabyte the best choice. However, we recently picked up the ASUS P7H55-M LE. We figured it would be an important board to test, as many people buy ASUS, and would like them better supported

I was astounded that when booting without a DSDT, most of everything just worked! No kernel panic on power management, built in USB hubs, SATA recognized- and best of all sleep worked! 

As far as buying advice goes, because of the Sandy Bridge onslaught, there are some amazing deals on both Gigabyte and Asus 1156 stuff right now, and they're 100% supported. Here are 2 methods you can use for Post-Installation on most ASUS 1156 motherboards.

Using a DSDT is not necessary for most ASUS Socket 1156 boards using a recent BIOS. Most implement RMH (Rate Matching Hubs) for USB, use VIA audio, and initiate Power Management on their own with no further tweaks. This means sleep works, even without DSDT edits! Please note that you'll still have to install audio, graphics, and network support separately.
  1. Backup and delete your /Extra folder
  2. Run MultiBeast
  3. Install choices below and reboot.
In general, a DSDT is a helpful thing to have if you are planning on tweaking and optimizing. If you want to configure 2 graphics cards via DSDT graphics edit, or if you want to add support for HDMI (HDAU edit) you need a DSDT. To utilize AppleHDA instead of VoodooHDA for Realtek ALC8xx audio, you need a DSDT. Please note that you'll still have to install audio, graphics, and network support separately.
  1. Backup and delete your /Extra folder
  2. Download your motherboard's DSDT from the DSDT Database
  3. Place the .aml file on Desktop
  4. Run MultiBeast
  5. Select UserDSDT + System Utilities
  6. Reboot

Please report back in comments if the DSDT-Free method works for you!  Thanks!

-tonymacx86 & MacMan

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