JMicron ATA Support

Are you trying to build a Hackintosh on the cheap? Do you have an old IDE CD/DVD drive or hard drive from your Pentium II rig collecting dust in the closet? Does your motherboard use the JMicron or GSATA IDE controller? MacMan and I have got the answer for you.

Introducing JMicron36xATA.kext, a 32/64-bit driver for the JMicron 361, 363, 365, 366, 368 and Gigabyte GSATA IDE controllers so you can support that old drive in your shiny new Hackintosh.

We have implemented it in iBoot so you can now install from an IDE DVD Drive or to an IDE Hard Drive.

These kexts are now available in MultiBeast. Enjoy your old hardware!

-MacMan & tonymacx86
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