iBoot 2.6 Update

Today, iBoot is updated to 2.6.  Grab the latest version at tonymacx86.com/downloads.
  • GraphicsEnabler=Yes only.  We've removed all kext based graphics enablers. 
  • Chameleon 2.0 RC5 r700 - ATI Experimental by Kabyl (branch) with support for both NVIDIA 4xx and ATI 5xxx cards.  If you can't get to installation, type -x PCIRootUID=1.
  • tonymacx86 Classic theme optimized for standard or widescreen displays.
  • iBoot-GE has been retired.  iBoot now contains all of the same functionality.
    Please do not upload or redistribute iBoot to any other sites.  

    iBoot Legacy and BridgeHelper have also been updated and now use the 10.6.0 Legacy Kernel by Nawcom, AnV, and Azimutz.  This modified kernel adds experimental support for Intel's new LGA1155 Sandy Bridge CPUs.  PLEASE NOTE: Sandy Bridge CPUs and chipsets are not currently supported natively by Mac OS X Snow Leopard.  We are providing this to assist early adopters only- use at your own risk.

    -tonymacx86 & MacMan

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