Multibeast 2.0

Today, Multibeast 2.0 is released.  There are many new features and improvements that will make the new version more efficient and easier to use than ever before.  Some of the many improvements include the 10.3.1 Supported Kernel for most Core i3/i5/i7s, USB 2.0 support for non-DSDT users, and more predefined smbios hardware description options.  In addition, audio compatibility has been greatly improved by adding 10.6.2 AppleHDA Rollback by default for non-889a LegacyHDA options, as well as including the latest VoodooHDA 0.2.61.  Finally, Chameleon installation scripts have been perfected for multiple Operating System booting.

With Gigabyte's many BIOS upgrades and additions, it's been difficult to keep MultiBeast current.  GigaBeast, the all-in-one installation solution for Gigabyte P55 motherboards, has been removed in order to prevent the tool from being constantly outdated.  The good news is that the functionality is still available using UserDSDT, with the added ability to customize your installation to your preferences, not ours.

For a full installation method, check out iBoot + MultiBeast: Install Mac OS X on any Intel-based PC.  Good luck, and let us know how the new version works for you!

-tonymacx86 & MacMan

MultiBeast 2.0 Demonstration Videos
To demonstrate the use of MultiBeast's EasyBeast Supported, EasyBeast Unsupported, and UserDSDT options, we've created a trio of screencasts.  Enjoy!

If this utility has helped you, please consider a contribution to support further MultiBeast development.  Thanks in advance, and enjoy!
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