iBoot 2.0 - Updated with Enhanced USB Support

NOTE: iBoot is now a permanent replacement for iBoot NVIDIA, iBoot ATI, and iBoot Supported.
Since Apple released Mac OS X Snow Leopard version 10.6.3, USB issues have plagued the Hackintosh community. Non-functional peripherals have made installation a major issue for many systems. There are two popular work arounds. The first is to use a system-specific pre-edited DSDT.aml to enable the USB ports. This is great if you have one, otherwise no. The other method is to use my USBFamilyMOD installer, which only enables 1.1 support.

Either of these solutions are lacking for use in iBoot. It's impossible to create a universal DSDT for every motherboard, and my USBFamilyMOD only supports USB 1.1.  This makes things difficult when transferring files using USB sticks or USB drives.

Until now.

Introducing the next generation: iBoot 2.0, with full USB support.  A milestone for 10.6.3.

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