Enable the Apple Boot Screen

By default, the installation guides on this site put the -v (verbose) boot flag into your com.apple.boot.plist that is located in /Exra. The reason I did this is so that you can watch as the system boots and debug. If you are done with tinkering with kexts, and have your system running 100%, you may want your Hackintosh to look more like a real Mac starting up. Simply drag your com.apple.boot.plist to the desktop, open it in TextEdit and remove the -v flag from the Kernel Flags string. Then put the file back into /Extra and reboot.

NOTE: By default, Chameleon uses an updated shiny Apple logo. To make the boot screen look like the above photo, insert the string Legacy Logo=Yes into your com.apple.boot.plist.

TO SET/CHANGE RESOLUTION: Add your desired resolution to your /Extra/com.apple.boot.plist:

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