Updated NVIDIA Drivers for Mac OS X: Install Guide and iBoot-GE

This week, NVIDIA released drivers for their line of "Fermi" cards for Mac OS X.  Besides supporting their new flagship Quadro 4000, these drivers support the GeForce GT 430, GTS 450, GTX 460, GTX 465, GTX 470, GTX 480. They also show increased OpenGL, Quartz Graphics, and User Interface performance for NVIDIA 2xx cards.

To use the new drivers on any system, we made an alternate installer, tonymacx86 NVIDIA Update, that overcomes the official installer's system limitations.  We also created iBoot-GE, a new variation of iBoot that uses Chameleon's GraphicsEnabler instead of enabler kexts.  Finally, we've updated MultiBeast to include the necessary bootloader.
  • iBoot-GE uses Chameleon's GraphicsEnabler, with updated device IDs for new NVIDIA cards.  Update: iBoot now works for NVIDIA 4xx cards- you may need to type -x PCIRootUID=1 to install using these cards
    • MultiBeast now contains Chameleon 2.0 RC5 Prerelease which includes device IDs for all new NVIDIA cards.
    Guide for a Fresh Installation
    If you're starting from scratch, follow iBoot + MultiBeast.
    1. Install using iBoot
    2. Install latest Combo Update
    3. Install UserDSDT or EasyBeast, plus the latest Chameleon 2.0 RC5 from MultiBeast
    4. Install the tonymacx86 NVIDIA Update 
    5. Reboot

    Guide for an Existing Installation
    If you've already installed and configured your system to boot from hard drive
    1. Install latest Combo Update
    2. Install the latest Chameleon 2.0 RC5 from MultiBeast
    3. Install the tonymacx86 NVIDIA Update 
    4. Reboot
    Post your results in the forum!  Have fun, and enjoy!  

    -tonymacx86 & MacMan

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