MultiBeast 3.8 Update

Today MultiBeast was updated to version 3.8. The latest version is now available at

Please do not upload or redistribute MultiBeast to any other sites. 

Full list of changes:
  • Added to Customization -> Boot Options -> Generate CPU States. Adds GenerateCStates=Yes and GeneratePStates=Yes to /Extra/
  • Added ATI 48xx Patch for 10.6.8 from netkas
  • Added to Drivers & Bootloaders -> Kexts & Enablers -> Miscellaneous -> IOPCIFamily Fix
  • Changed Drivers & Bootloaders -> Kexts & Enablers -> Miscellaneous -> FakeSMC Plugins to a menu choice.
  • Added to FakeSMC Plugins -> Motherboard Plugins which only installs the motherboard plugins.
  • Added to FakeSMC Plugins -> AMD RADEON Plugin which only installs the AMD RADEON GPU plugin.
  • Added to FakeSMC Plugins -> NVIDIA Plugin which only installs the NVIDIA GPU plugin.
  • Removed Chameleon 2.0 RC5 - Prerelease; superseded by Chimera
  • Removed NVEnabler; superseded by Chimera
  • Updated FakeSMC to 3.1.0 Revision 493
  • Updated FakeSMC Plugins to 3.1.0 Revision 493
  • Added IOPCIFamily Fix to EasyBeast
  • Added IOPCIFamily Fix to UserDSDT
If this utility has helped you, please consider a contribution to support further MultiBeast development. Thanks in advance, and enjoy!

-tonymacx86 & MacMan
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