Customize Icons in Mac OS X [QuickTip]

Sick of those stock icons in Mac OS X?  Here's a quick tip to re-badge and customize any drive or folder in OS X.  I have a few familiar custom icons that I use, and have gotten very used to.  My OS X experience just isn't complete without em! 
  1. Highlight the icon or folder you want to use for your custom icon.
  2. Type command-C or right-click and choose Copy.
  3. Right-click on any hard drive or folder, and choose Get Info.
  4. Navigate to the upper left corner, and highlight the icon.
  5. Type command-V or choose Paste from the file menu. 
That's it!  There are a ton of great free open-source icons available at InterfaceLIFT.  Check them out!  Here's a snapshot of my finder's sidebar- easier on the eyes in my opinion than a lot of blue folders. 

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