tonymacx86 Forum!

Over the past 2 months, I've been trying my best to support all of your efforts with installing OS X on your new P55 PCs. I'm happy for your input, but I've been a bit overwhelmed with the questions! My blog comments have become a bit hard to follow, and to that end, I've set up a new forum! I'm pretty sure that this format will work better for supporting the community.

tonymacx86 Forum is a full featured phpBB forum where you can share your experiences and methods installing and tweaking your Hackintoshes. For now, I've set up a very simple topic list, to support the guides on this site. But in no way will the forum be limited to P55 chipsets. There are many new boards and CPUs coming out this year, including the new laptop Core i3/i5 and desktop Core i9 processors! And I'm planning on setting up a forum for older mobos and processors as well.

Here's to a great start! Please stop by to register and say hello!


PS: I'm looking for a few experienced leaders for the forums to help me keep it a good resource for anyone's questions and answers. I may some need help moderating the site. Thanks in advance!